• Experience your music like never before!

    • 6 balanced armature drivers
    • 4-Way Crossover
    • outstanding separation in the stereofield
    • optional switch function

    Our VE6 is available in two differently sounding versions. 

    X1: Full and precise low-end, incredibly present mids and detailed highs

    X2: Clear and seperated sound with precise low-end, finely tuned mids and detailed highs

    Xcontrol: by using a little switch – placed on the faceplate of the in-ear – you can switch between X1 and X2


    VE6 X1: 1499 EUR*
    VE6 X2: 1499 EUR*
    VE6 Xcontrol: 1899 EUR*

    *including 19% german VAT

    The VE6 Xcontrol is not possible to order with an Ambience System. The switch is a high performance component that is able to last minimum 50.000 clicks and has passed through environmental tests which include damp heat, artificial sweat test, temperature cycle (hot to cold to hot etc). 

    Listen to our Demo In-Ears. Visit us in cologne or one of our VE dealers worldwide.

    Here you can find our order sheet and an instruction manual for getting impressions of your ears.

  • High class customs made in germany

    • Perfect comfort, fit and look due to customized earmoulds

    • Shell made from acrylic

    • Upgrade possible at any time

    • Replaceable cables (professional standard)

    • Approx. 26 dB sound damping/isolation

    • Personalised with your name or your logo

    • Our In Ear Monitors can be made in many different colours

    • There are many things possible to make your In Ears absolutely unique – check out our Artwork Gallery for some inspiration

    The In Ears of VISION EARS are unique and individual items, produced exactly the way you want them to be, so if you have any additional idea how your InEars should look or be like and you cannot find it in our regular optional features - don´t hesitate to ask us!

    Listen to our Demo In-Ears. Visit us in cologne or one of our VE dealers worldwide.

    Here you can find our order sheet and an instruction manual for getting impressions of your ears.

  • Additional options for VE Custom Series

    Ambience System

    The VE Ambience System comes with three different interchangeable damping elements. One damping element is already securely fitted into the Ambience canal of the earphone and has a sound-damping of approx. 6 dB.  The sound damping can easily be adjusted to the desired level with the three additional included damping elements.

    The Ambience System does not only give you more ambient sound, but has also an effect on the sound of the headphone (especially the bass frequencies). A personal consultation is therefore recommended. The decision regarding the requirement of an Ambience System and the choice of the right damping element depends on a number of different factors, as the size of the stage, your equipment and your individual wishes with regards to the sound play a part in this.

    Further information can be told by phoning: +49(0)221/80064334 or via  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Price: 120€ (including 19% german VAT)

    • one colored logo: 95 €
    • multi colored Logo: 115 €
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  • VE Accessory
    • Deluxe Aluminium Case with microfiber pouch. Outer measurements: 15,5cm x 10cm x 5,5cm

    • Dry Caps The life span of the caps is approx. 2-6 months depending on use. A colour indicator indicates whether the cap is still active or needs to be replaced

    • Cleaning Spray This special cleaning spray disinfects and cleans without corroding the earphones' surface

    • Cleaning Pen for cleaning the sound channels of your In-Ears

    • Jack Adaptor high-quality adaptor (gold plated) for converting a 3.5 mm jack  to a 6.3 mm jack

    DSC 0137 2 

    look for more accessory

  • Technical details VE6

    Technology: Four-Way-System with six drivers

    Sensitivity: 122 dB SPL at 1 mW

    Frequency: 10 Hz - 18 kHz

    Impedance: 20 Ohm (bei 1 kHz)

    Shell: hard acrylic

    Cabel: replaceable due to miniature plugs (gold plated), length: 1,38 m